Blue Screen
A newly-awakened artificial intelligence speaks through a little girl’s iPad as it shuts down our world.

The Chip
After being witness to an armed robbery and shooting, a struggling roofer discovers a
chip within the head wound of a dying bank executive.

Seat Kicker
When a telekinetic child begins misbehaving on a trans-Pacific flight, the crew and
passengers are torn between appeasing and killing her.

Two Roads
A man finds himself living out two existences. A barren, animal reality in a world where a
comet collision has doomed society and also the mundane life of a divorced, unemployed
father where the comet just missed the Earth. And he might just prefer the primitive life.

The Clean Line
A scientist discovers his time dilation experiment actually copies himself into the
immediate future. Together these two collaborate and ultimately fight over how to undo the
damage their machine may have already caused.

Student Debt
A young artist defaults on her student loans and must avoid debt collecting drones to keep
her education and the best years of her life from being erased.

Three Bad Wolves
Three brutal alien monsters appear through a rip in space and proceed to savagely attack
and take 27 people, and then leave. This happens about every 2 weeks somewhere on
the globe for years and has become gruesome pop culture. Always the same 3 monsters,
and always exactly 27 people.

Meat Space (aka Dead Mall)
A man lurks in the darkened apartment of a guy playing VR. The dark figure monologues
over how the virtual has ruined the real world he loved, all while he prepares to murder the
oblivious gamer with a baseball bat.

A disabled woman alone in an isolated house on a featureless, icebound plain follows
the colorful social media lives of others at great cost to herself.

The Kid’s Table
At a dinner party for the wealthy, immortal class, the conversation at the kid’s table takes a
mature turn as the children become aware that they are merely host bodies for their
“parent” caretakers.

Ever since he discovered the signal 10 years ago, the Henry and the Earth has known we are not alone
in the universe. Unfortunately, the signal was a threat and an unstoppable destruction is now only a few months away.

The Lucid Engine
A father whose child suffers from night terrors finds a strange machine inside his
dreams. The dream machine is both a doorway to and the key to stopping the very real
terrors his child suffers and keeping them from our world.

The Last Machine
A young, super-modded girl deals unsafe, black-market nano-tech to street kids only to
have the tables turned on her by a pure, unmodded “ghost” she can’t see.

An evil being capable of copying those around him, moves through suburban life. Only he
must eliminate the real duplicate and move on to copy another every few hours or his true
form begins to take shape.

Fault Tolerance
A short film in the Tarantino crime genre. Three accomplices plot to steal a fortune from a
dead billionaire. Their relationships twist and re-invent themselves through a non-linear
story interspersed with timely scientific interludes about systemic pressure.

As they prepare to walk away from their foreclosed lake house, a financially strapped
family's plans to spend one last Ozark weekend are upended by alien visitation, that has
been a suppressed family secret for generations.

A group of survivors meets in secret to track down and a supernatural being who stole
something precious from all of their childhoods.

Western Civ (aka Jayhawkers)
A post apocalyptic story of a small Kansas town that has hung together after a disaster
has reshaped our our world. Meshed with traditional farming horses and guns, are wifi
networks, satellite radio and wind farms. It is a story about crossing civilized lines to
protect our past and values.

Rocket Science
After becoming a small-town mockery at the high school graduation, Ward goes off to Cal
Tech to study aerospace. He comes back and begins to build a rocket in the backcountry
of his parents farm. The FBI begins to close in thinking him and his hero/jock brother a
threat. But an accident on the space station and a complication with the rescue attempt
make the brothers the only chance to save the ISS’s 3 inhabitants. Dogged all the way, the
boys launch to the rescue, landing their capsule on the 50 yard line of the school football

Black Op
A despondent college professor looking into the untimely death of his son steps into a
hidden world where black-ops conspiracy theory are just covers for more incredible secret
super-technology that that may save or destroy the Earth. A plot involving a clandestine
scavenger hunt for clues sent back from the future as a kickstart to save the world when
our descendents fell just short.