Watch this Filmmaking Presentation (VFX and Filmmaking)

This was a presentation I gave for the KC Library and GUILDit KC on storytelling through visual effects. I discuss my career as both a filmmaker and a VFX artist through work like Star Trek, Breaking Bad, and Westworld.

I was honored to be able to recently give my talk to GuildIt and the KC Library. It was a great audience and a nice opportunity to meet a lot of interesting and enthusiastic people before and after.

I was also lucky to be paired with the other speaker of the night, Jason Aaron, writer for Marvel comics from Thor to Star Wars. His presentation was personal and fascinating (see it here). A few months later I found myself onset in New Mexico working on the television pilot for a show called Scalped. When I got the script, I saw it was based on Jason's Darkhorse graphic novel that he mentions in his talk. It took me far too long to put 2 and 2 together. Jason came to set and we shared some beers and same far too hot tacos in Sante Fe.