Go West(world), young man!

Apologies for the belated updates on this blog. There have been a lot of changes in the Branit life, career and household.

We are back in LA.  

The constant through-line of my career has been to make cool stuff. I've been lucky to do work on VFX for shows like Breaking Bad, The Flash and Westworld, but also to be able to carve out time to write, direct and make stuff of my own.

But for the last few years I've felt that I was not progressing toward what I really wanted to do. Turns out, sitting behind a computer monitor in Kansas City is not the best way to build filmmaking relationships.

I love KC, but my gut told me that in order to do what I really wanted to do...

We had to go back. The plan was to be resident-tourists back in LA for six months to a year and see what happens. Shake the tree both for my own projects and in the visual effects world. An adventure for my kids, a new perspective for us, and the comfort that I had gone all-in on my dreams.

On a trip to LA in March I had lunch with a friend and VFX supervisor, whom I had worked for on countless shows as a vendor, and I told him of our intentions. A few weeks later, he offered me a spot as on set VFX supervisor for a pilot shooting in New Mexico and shortly after that the same position on Season 2 of Westworld. I accepted without hesitation, albeit a little trepidation. 

As I said in my storytelling in VFX talk, my work is often about face-to-face human connections in a world where computers and technology make that harder and harder. This is my career, too. Leaving the lonely screen behind for the busy set (on a show that digs into the subject matter of humanity colliding with technology to boot!).

So here we are, back in LA. Working long, hard days and nights with a great crew of like-minded, creative people on a huge show.

Feeling again like we are in the right place, doing the right things. Creatively engaged, learning, growing and connecting. 

And if you are one to believe in signs from above...

...after months of stressful packing, moving and apartment hunting... this was hanging in the house we ended up renting!


Bring yourself back online, indeed.