Girl meets robot

A few weeks ago I was thrilled to direct the first part of my short, post-apocalyptic, anti-bullying film, Bully Mech. It was a hot, heat-alert-level-2 day in a building with no air-conditioning. We all felt it, and to a person the entire crew rose to the harsh demands of the day.


But the revelation of the day was our little star, Phoenix Smith. Everyone says working with kids and animals is the worst. But 7-year-old Phoenix was anything but. One of the best actors of any age I've had the pleasure working with. Many industry people to whom I've shown rough cut material have said, "She needs to be in Hollywood."  I agree. But let's finish Bully Mech first!

Chris Blunk and Jeremy Osbern of Through-A-Glass productions served as Producer and Director of Photography respectfully. We are shooting with Jeremy's set of insane Lomo anamorphic lenses. I love the look for this project. Our locations look like post-industrial Russia, so it fits that our lenses should come from there, too. 

Look for more soon #BullyMech.