Better Than an Oscar?

Over the past few weeks I have had two videos that spread beyond control across the internet. The spider in the ear thing and the drone collision thing both exceeded expectation for viewership. I thought both would be widely seen but didn't expect them to be news stories.

But two other crazy things happened in relation to those 'hoax' videos that I am extremely proud of.  

Firstly, the spider in the ear video story that was picked up all around the world has made it to the TOMO News network. The South Korean agency famous for making mo-cap reenactments of not-news stories like Conan's feud with NBC to serious stories like the riots in Ferguson.  

Anyway. Thank you TOMO for making a reenactment of what didn't happen when I didn't find a spider crawling out of my ear. The actual reenactment of me sitting in front of a computer would have been much less exciting. I do, however, always animate with no shirt and super-tight jeans. So you got that part right!

The Second badge of honor, (or scarlet letter depending on who you talk to), was that the drone video was picked up and officially debunked by!

Snopes is the go-to web site people turn to for the definitive explanation over whether something is true or not. 

I think I will take a rest from the hoax videos for the time being and get some real work done, although you never know. Think twice about the next UFO or hoverboard video you see. Always be skeptical.