To everything turn, turn, turn...

So as we head into the summer months of 2015, there is change in the wind. As you may have heard, I recently decided it was necessary to layoff my talented artist staff at Branit FX. 

Eric Bacus, Sean Joseph, Aileen Murray, and Linden Stirk have all grown to be capable artists I would trust with any shot. With some luck, I hope we might work together in the future again.

It is bittersweet, but such is the flavor of the visual effects business these days. A job you love, but an economic system that does not love you back. So as more and more television post production follows tax incentives to Canada, I decided it was finally time to tighten the hiatus belt in order to ensure the ability to fight another season. 

This sort of hiatus lay-off is the norm for most VFX companies. Network shows end in May and pick-up again in August with no promises or contracts. Keeping a full crew over these dry spells has been an minor miracle over the last nine years.

But make no mistake, I am still here, Branit FX is open for post production business, and we are preparing to staff up this fall on a couple of very interesting projects.

Until then, as this new page and blog imply, I am officially pushing my production and post production knowledge into another realm. The directing and creative development of vfx and non-vfx material.

I am currently in the search for a partner in representation, and open to offers to get more "at bats" behind the camera.